Day 2 5/24/17. No hunger

Day two began with a solid nights sleep, and an improved waking blood glucose. I’ve noticed that so long as I don’t eat after 10p.m. my fasting levels will be where I want them. At 7:10 I was at 73 mg/dl, clinically considered low, but it’s where I prefer to be. Before getting back in the swing I have been averaging 100-120 upon waking.

Breakfast was 5 eggs scrambled in a tablespoon of butter. This and my coffee kept me full for the better part of the day and into the afternoon. I had some salt water at work about 2 p.m. Tonight’s dinner will consist of baked salmon, cauliflower swimming in butter and a side salad with olives and other assorted oily jarred veggies.

Dinner was incredibly indulgent, and I still came in under my Daily calorie goal of 1850.

5-24-17 food diary


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