Day 3 5/25/17 Injection Sites Matter

Started the day off again with 5 eggs and some spinach. I was feeling extra proactive yesterday and made some tuna salad with olives and peppers for lunch. Dinner was some more spinach with 2 hot dogs with homemade coleslaw. Soured from (great low carb recipes).

Now to today’s topic. I had recently watched a lecture by the health writeration Gary Taubes. In his video lecture he talked on fat adiposity. In short we get fat from eating carbohydrates, which leads to insulin being releases, and then the broken down glucose from carbs turns to fat storage. One part of his lecture showed a slide where a diabetic woman injected insulin in the same 2 spots on both legs for 30 years. The results were 2 sizeable mounds of fat on each thigh. 

This had me get to thinking of the importance of injection site rotation. When I was  diagnosed type 1, the nurses pretty much only told me to inject my mealtime insulin into the stomach. Here 4 years later most of my day has accumulated on my stomach and lovehandles. My hope is through reducing my insulin some of the atoned fat will be released as ketone bodies and excreted. In addition I am only using my but and thighs as injection sites, the location of subcutaneous insulin drives fat store to those regions of fat cells essentially. 

Not glamorous but it was very tasty.


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